Service & Repair

Jewellery repairs

Réparation de bijoux

Our craftsmen take into their workshop all gold or sterling silver repairs your jewel requires. We can provide: change of clasp, sizing of ring, soldering of bracelet or chain, pearl stringing as well as restoring a vintage or contemporary piece. Our skilful personnel will help you transform or create the jewel you’ve been dreaming of.

Watch repairs

Réparation de montres

Watches are precision instruments composed of many intricate pieces. The slightest particle or mishandling can disrupt the mechanism and damage it irreversibly. In order to maintain the reliability and accuracy of your timepiece, it is best to proceed with a revision every 3 years. This procedure requires a qualified watchmaker in order to administer a repair .Our qualified watchmakers are trained to repair all types of movements, mechanical, digital, automatic or quartz..Their skills also include repairs for brand watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Gucci,Omega,Tissot,TagHeueramong many others.Wide selection of leather watch bands.

The durability of a battery depends on the type of watch, whether big or small or with various functions. The battery can last from 2 to 5 years. The water-resistant utility may be jeopardized by numerous factors such as a trip by the ocean, high-level mountains or deep sea diving. It is imperative to proceed to a water test whenever the movement has been manipulated. A general revision may include, the dismantling, cleaning, repair, adjustment of time or functions,changing defective pieces, polishing and brushing the band (strap) , water resistant test and change of battery. Orly provides the diagnostic evaluation as well as the estimate free of charge.

The reliability of your watch is important. Not a minute to waste!




Do you have a broken watch?

Let our competent experts restore your valuables. Vintage or modern, watches have value when they work.

Repair it and resell it!

Your broken watches are collecting dust. They areworthless and useless when they are damaged. Give our watchmakers the task of restoring these valuable pieces and give them a second wind. Whether it’s to wear them or resell them, you will be satisfied!

Personalized Shopping - A Unique experience


Orly provides service: book an appointment with our qualified jewelry and watch consultant in the confinement of our boutique. Our expert will guide you to select either a classic or cotemporary piece according to your personality, lifestyle and budget.

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